St. John United Methodist Church

The following is what is behind all that we do at St. John. This is what makes St. John GREAT!

Our Motto

The Church “Where YOU CAN make a Difference”

Our Purpose build a Christian Community where churched, nominally churched, and un-churched persons are becoming deeply committed Christian Disciples

Our Vision

Our vision is to change people’s lives, transform our community/world, and revitalize the mainline Church for Jesus Christ.

Our Journey

Our journey is defined by knowing, loving and serving God with our heads, hearts, hands, and hopes.

Our Actions

5 areas of Christian ministry define the ways in which we can achieve our purpose, realize our vision, and experience abundance in our journey.


Our first aim is to bring glory to God through Worship. Our second aim is to Invite people in to a relationship with Jesus Christ. Our third aim is to build mutual ministry and caring relationships among the church family through Nurture oriented ministries. Our fourth aim is to provide ministries which help persons of all ages Grow as deeply committed Christian disciples. Our fifth and final aim is to train, equip, inspire and mobilize members to live out their in ministries of Service inside and outside the Church.

Our Core Values

It is our desire to honor God by allowing His work to be done through us. To that end, His work will reveal in us the qualities of faith, optimism, grace, integrity, excellence, relevance, authenticity, passion, humility, inclusiveness, commitment, generosity, joy, and love.

Our Desire

We seek to serve God in all we do by:
Worshiping in a joyful spirit
Proclaiming and Teaching His Word
Reaching out to engage the physical, social, emotional and spiritual needs of others
Encouraging spiritual growth leading to a more meaningful relationship with Jesus Christ.