Opened in 2004, this home is designed to provide a place for children and youth to live who have completed their treatment at the Harpst campus or any other treatment facility and who have no viable family to which to return. While the children and youth are here, work will be done to either reconnect them to family members who will be a constructive, positive part of their lives or, if none are available, to find them a foster family. Some of these children may be referred directly from the Department of Family and Children’s Services (DFCS) in an effort to prevent the need for residential treatment.

There are many children needing out-of-home-placement for whom – if a safe, nurturing yet structured environment is provided early enough – residential treatment will not be needed. All too often, though, these children are ignored until their behavior becomes so severe that they eventually require treatment rather than a less restrictive “homelike” environment in which to work out their problems. The goal of Murphy-Harpst is to do all possible to prevent this from happening.

This home is named in memory of a long-time benefactor of the Murphy Campus who passed away in 2003.

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Many thanks to those who made donations to Murphy-Harpst Giving Day on July 13 and since.  We have collected a total of $2,481 and that will max out our matching donation of $1000, to bring the current total to over $3,48