Kenya KENYA MISSIONARIES – In 2012, we became acquainted with Gilly Griffiths, a youth participating in “Summer Games”, and learned that he and his parents were leaving for Kenya to serve a five-year mission commitment to provide clean water to various tribes.  The Griffiths visited our church in December to share their vision and a partnership was formed. Since that time, St. John has provided financial support to this family.
heiferinternational LIVING AND GIVING NATIVITY, “Pass on the gift”Heifer International has been working to end world hunger by providing animals to poverty stricken communities all over the globe for more than 65 years. Beginning in 2011, we began to partner with Heifer International to donate the very types of animals which are part of the coveted Nativity scene we assemble on our lawn during our annual Walk to Bethlehem. We always present the donkey that Joseph found for Mary to ride, and the sheep and goats from nearby pastures gather close by the manger with their handlers. They were the livestock that people in the first century Bethlehem depended on for sustenance. It is still true today. These are the very creatures that can lift a village out of poverty. It is the perfect Christmas gift. And the camels are the best. They provide milk, and transportation where roads and vehicles can’t go, and they can live for eighty years!  In 2013, we were able to provide the funding for 2 Camels, 3 Cows, 5 Donkeys and 11 Sheep.