Your faith changes as you age.  A few years gives you an equally mature appreciation and comfort both for, and with, Scripture. The BIBLE FELLOWSHIP CLASS is typically for folks on the top side of 70 that care deeply for each other, love seeing each other, and also look for ways to be active and have fun together during the week.  We have several parties each year, including a more formal party at Christmas time. We maintain a more traditional format each.  We share excellent coffee brewed each week by an “old navy sailor”. We sing a few of those old standard songs together, then have a brief lesson provided by a rotating team of valued teachers on various subjects, often designed from the provided Methodist lesson plan for that week. We want to know who is, or is not, in class, and, who might need a little more assistance due to an illness.  If you miss two Sundays, you just might get a call to check up on you.  We care for each other, just as we care deeply for our Lord. Join us at 9:15 every Sunday. You never can tell where new joys might be found.

For questions regarding this class, please contact Jan Carson at (770) 393-3593.